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Vacations Palm SpringsVacations Palm Springs.  In our last post we wrote about Palm Springs vacations. There are lots of things that you can do in Palm Springs. In this post about vacations Palm Springs we plan to talk about hiking in and around Palm Springs. This is a great vacation activity that everyone can enjoy. Consequently youngsters as well as seniors who love the outdoors can go hiking on short trips as well as long hikes.

One of the conditions of hiking in any location is always to be prepared. In the Palm Springs area the temperatures are usually very hot. The air is very dry which enables dehydration to set in very quickly. Consequently always make sure you take lots of water with you to prevent dehydration. Wear a hat at all times, take lots of sunscreen and even pack a small lunch or snack to take with you. In addition make sure that someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to return. But do not deviate from the planned trip in case something happens and people need to find you.

Vacations Palm Springs – Hiking

There is a book called Palm Springs hikers guide. Which is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to do serious hiking in Palm Springs. In addition it provides pictures, directions, and ratings for all of the hiking trails that are available in Palm Springs and the Valley.

One area to go hiking is at the Palm Springs Tram. You can go up the mountains on the tram for the day and there are over 54 miles of hiking available at the top. But hikers should always be prepared when you go hiking in this area. Always take a compass with you as well as a knapsack with lots of water.

There are trails in all of the surrounding mountains that are surrounding the Palm Springs Valley. These trails range from easy to medium too difficult and all are rated in the Palm Springs Hikers guide. One trail, called the museum trail, is located just behind the museum parking lot. It goes straight up the mountain. However this trail would be considered medium to difficult for many people. Consequently with all of the switchbacks and the aggressive elevation that is included on this trip, it can be challenging.

There are trails in the middle of the desert just at the end of Ramon Road. Which are easy trails on flat ground to take you to several oasis’ and out into the desert. These are just a sample of some of the many trails that people can hike in the Palm Springs area. We hope you enjoy hiking.


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