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Palm Springs Pool

Palm Springs PoolPalm Springs is one of the few places where you will get the use of your Palm Springs pool almost 365 days a year. In the winter time you will have to heat your pool since the evenings can be very cold down around 50°F. In the summertime the temperature will go up to sometimes as much as 120°, only cooling off to about 90° at night. that’s pretty warm and your pool temperature will be very pleasant.

Of course the best pools in Palm Springs are those that are heated in the wintertime. Most people will get their pool and keep it at 83°F all Winter long. Homeowners will have to heat their pool from about October until the end of March if they want to use it during those time frames. After that the sun and the air temperature are hot enough to keep your pool warm during the day without it cooling off too much at night. You can swim from the end of March until late September without having to heat your pool. Most people use heaters of some type and do not bother with solar blankets.

Palm Springs Pool – Temperatures

In the summertime when the air temperature is 120°F, many pools are up around 90 to 95°F. It is almost too hot to actually go swimming since you never get that refreshing feeling from being in the water. It is just too warm and many people will just stay inside in the air conditioning during the day. At night when it cools off of it is very comfortable to go swimming in the pool in Palm Springs.

Tourists and permenant dwellers will be out during the evenings to enjoy the warm summer nights. Swimming is fun without the hot sun beating down on you all of the time. Remember to always keep your body well hydrated.Save

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