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The Corridor – Palm Springs

The CorridorThe Corridor in Palm Springs is actually a backyard for several restaurants including a coffee shop. Patrons love to sit in the shade and enjoy a coffee and pastry. Or even consume their meal at one of the tables. It is a very pretty setting. There are stores that can be visited surrounding the outdoor area. I find it particularly nice in that I can relax in the shade and enjoy my coffee. As a result my partner can go window shopping at one of the stores. As you can imagine I am not a shopper and not interested in just looking for things that I really do not need.

The Corridor – Relax in the Sun

Anyone who makes a purchase of a coffee or food can use the tables and chairs to enjoy their purchase. Or visit with other people who have joined them. 20130416-201703.jpg In the mornings it is not uncommon to see customers reading their morning paper while enjoying their coffee in the patio area.

This is a popular spot in Palm Springs and is often crowded. Patrons can choose to sit on the lawn or on the patio stones that are distributed around the areas. There is lots of seating however even that fills up. Hence you need to be patient, someone will move and you will get a seat. Patrons tend to stay longer and enjoy the environment. Of course during the summer, it can also become quite warm sitting in the sun.


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