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Tylers burgers Palm Springs

Tylers burgers Palm Springs Just got back from Tylers burgers Palm Springs where you can have one of the best hamburgers, french fries and coleslaw meals for under $15! in Palm Springs California.

We ordered sliders, which come with cheese for $3.25. Order them with the works, with caramelized onions, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise. They taste fantastic and with the coleslaw and french fries are more than a meal. Don’t forget to order your favorite kind of cheese on your Tyler’s burgers in Palm Springs. We tend to split the fries since there are so many provided. Some people who are hungry will order a regular burger, but we find that the sliders are more than enough for us.

Tylers burgers Palm Springs – Licensed

We just have water with our meal, however, you can order wine and beer as well as other drinks. It is a bit too early for us to have a drink. They open at 11:00 and there is usually a line by 11:30 to get into the place.

Tyler’s restaurant opens at 11 o’clock every day and by 1130 there’s a lineup to get in. If your hungry and in a hurry, it is best to get there before 1130 otherwise you’re going to have to wait in line and sign in at the sign-up sheet. The wait is not too long, nevertheless, there is a wait because this is a very popular place.

Couples can often get in more quickly than parties of four or more. They also have a small seating area inside, but most people will sit outside under the canopies which protect you from the sun. They close at around 3 pm.

We make a special effort to go to Tyler’s every year that we are in Palm Springs at least two or three times a month. Try it out we know that you will enjoy it. For more posts about restaurants in Palm Springs, click here.


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