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Palm Springs Hiking

Palm Springs HikingThere are lots of hiking trails in the Palm Springs area and the Coachella Valley. There are over 100 different trails that hikers can go on from very easy to some that are very difficult. In fact if you go up the Palm Springs Tram to the top of the mountains at 8500 feet elevation, and there are another 55 miles of hiking trails in that area as well.

Anyone hiking in the deserts of California and specifically in the Palm Springs area should always remember to take lots of water with them, and tell people where you’re going. It is very easy to suffer from heat stroke, and become dehydrated very quickly which can lead to further difficulties.

Palm Springs Hiking

On a regular basis we see helicopters flying into the mountains to rescue people who cannot take enough water with them and become dehydrated. It is very important that you follow these two guidelines for people to survive properly when hiking in the desert. In addition you should not hike by yourself, you should always take a friend, and some food and again lots and lots of water, at least a liter of water for every hour of hiking that you plan to do.

In addition to taking water with you, and food, and telling people where you plan to be hiking, you should also carry a walking stick to provide balance as well as to scare off any potential snakes that might be on the trail. If you plan to stop always look closely at the rocks in the location around where you plan to sit to make sure that there is no snakes in that particular area.

We have found that the best formula is to start early in the morning before the sun gets too hot and return by 10 or 11 o’clock. This is the best time of day to go hiking because you will see many more animals, and the temperature is very pleasant and comfortable.

If you’re hiking in the summertime with temperatures approaching 120° it is extremely important that you hike early in the morning. In the wintertime January, February and March, you may want to wait until about nine or 9:30 to begin hiking to allow the sun to warm the air up and make it more comfortable.


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