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Relaxing in Palm Springs California

Relaxing in Palm Springs CaliforniaRelaxing in Palm Springs California. Although this is just a parking lot outside the Starbucks in Palm Springs, you can see the palm trees in the distance and the mountains in the far distance. It is about 8 o’clock in the morning and already it’s 18°C or about 65°F. What a great place to be!

The Palm Springs area has a lot of great bike trails along with golf courses and along the various washes, which were built to channel flooding water from the mountains. I guess I will bike for another 10 km’s and then head home for a totally enjoyable ride of 20 to 25 K! The other interesting thing is that everyone you meet along these bike paths and walking paths is that they all have a smile on their faces.

They are happy and enjoying the great weather that Palm Springs offers. Everyone says good morning, or hello. People are friendly and they are enjoying life.

Relaxing in Palm Springs California

Once I get back from my bike ride, I will be heading to the swimming pool and relaxing while catching a few rays!  Later on in the day, we may head downtown for a coffee or something stronger and enjoy one of the many happy hours that seem to be available in Palm Springs.

Many restaurants will offer happy hour drinks and food items in an effort to draw people into their business during slower times of the day. this is a great way to enjoy the day or evening while not spending a great deal of money.

You can easily go out for a couple of beers and something to eat at a nice restaurant in the Palms Springs area for less than $20, $30 if you really spend a lot. All in all a great day in beautiful Palm Springs.

What a great way to spend a day while retired! For more Palm Springs things to do, click here.


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