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Hotels in Palm springs

Hotels in Palm springsThere are approximately five hotels in Palm Springs to chose from and then there are hundreds of motels and rental condos / homes that can also be rented. The hotels in Palm Springs include the Renaissance, Hotel Zozo, the SPA, the Hilton and the Hyatt.  The Renaissance, The Spa and the Hilton are located on Tahquitz road, the Hotel Zozo is located on Indian Canyon road and the Westin is located on Palm Canyon Drive. There is also a Best Western and a Comfort Inn, however these are smaller hotels that are not comparable to the above mentioned hotels in Palm Springs. All are within walking distance of the downtown area of Palm Springs, the Casino and the convention center.

Hotels in Palm springs – Hard Rock Hotel

The Hotel Zozo is in the process of being converted to a Hard Rock Hotel and this should be completed by the end of 2013. Construction / renovations have already started on this property. It most likely will become the premiere location to stay at since it will be fully modernized and up to date when renovations are completed.

Another high end hotel will be built according to reports on the site were the downtown mall is being demolished. This area has sat vacant for more than 10 years and is now finally being torn down. The new owners plan high end shops to be built, restaurants and the hotel that was just mentioned.

Motels in Palm Springs

There are literally hundreds of motels within 6 or 7 blocks of the downtown area of Palm Springs. We do not have an estimate of the number of rooms, however rest assured that there are motels of all types that cater to the varying demands of visitors. Readers should note that some places cater only to gays and lesbians. Others are pet friendly and some only to heterosexual couples. It is a good idea to ask ahead of time if you have specific preferences.

Many homeowners have purchased homes and condos as investments to rent out to vacation oriented snow birds and weekenders. The high season is considered January through March, with the shoulder season in Nov and December, and April and May. The remaining months, June through October are considered the low months. This is the time when not many people visit Palm Springs due to the high heat.

Depending on when you visit Palm Springs, you will pay more for a condo, home, motel or hotel room during the high season. Also especially when events are being held in the city. Rates can double or triple during conventions and entertainment events. Book early and also check on the rates before you book your vacation.

We have spent many winters in Palm Springs. We enjoy the warm weather, swimming, biking and hiking activities that are available. If you golf there are literally over 115 golf courses to try out. Some are private courses and you have to be invited by a member.

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