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Shanghai Reds – Palm Springs

Shanghai RedsShanghai Reds has been in Palm Springs for the past 15 years and is a must place to visit ! Located on Indian Canyon road behind the fish market restaurant, you might never know it was there unless someone told you about it. For some people it reminds them of a bar in Shanghai while for others it reminds them a small bar in the heart of Mexico. This is not a large restaurant and sometimes you cannot get a seat for a short time. But be patient or just get their early. They also have entertainment some nights. If interested you will want to ask at the bar which nights they have entertainment.

Shanghai Reds – Seafood

Their seafood comes from the fish market restaurant next door and all of the food is fantastic. We had fish tacos the last time we visited and they were the best we ever had. They also serve free hot garlic bread to all of their customers sitting at the bar! This is a must place to visit. It is also Zagat rated and they deserve it! this is a place we really enjoy and will be going back many times in the near future.

20130408-155907.jpg We find sitting at the bar to be the most entertaining. Not only can you watch the cooks prepare various orders, you can chat with other patrons. Pretty much everyone is on vacation and looking to have an enjoyable time. They like to meet people from different parts of the continent and learn about other bars and restaurants that are good to go to on the Palm Springs area.

The cooks are very busy. We find it amazing how the put out so much food in a small space that is also so good. Many people like to sit outside, however it is much more interesting sitting inside at the bar. You have to go early in order to get a good seat.

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