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Biking in Palm Springs

Biking in Palm SpringsBiking in Palm Springs is one of the most enjoyable things to do. With blue skies, good roads and most drivers giving the right away to bicycles, it is a pretty safe place to ride. One of the most important things for people who are biking in the Palm Springs area is to make sure that they have lots of water with them when they head out. Especially if you’re planning to go biking out in the desert, you can become dehydrated very easily. There are not many places to stop at to get a drink of water and get out of the sun so always make sure you bring lots of water, apply lots of suntan lotion, and bring something to eat. You can have a very enjoyable day as long as you have those three things.

Biking in Palm Springs – Equipment

The other important things are the standard issues that most bikers who’ve done a lot of biking know that they should be prepared for. And that is flat tires. Always make sure that you have the repair equipment you feel that you need to repair a flat tire. For some this is probably just a patch and a pump to pump up your tire while others will bring extra tubes so they can replace the tube quickly and then apply a new patch to the old when they return from their day of biking.

The other piece of equipment that the writer likes to bring with him when he’s biking in Palm Springs is a camera. You never know when you’re going to see something interesting that you would like to remember or send to your friends. The camera is a useful device to have along with you whether it is your cell phone or a regular camera.

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