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Conrad Murray Convicted

Conrad Murray ConvictedWell, Conrad Murray has been convicted and is currently waiting to be sentenced as we write this post. Many people are rejoicing that the guy who allegedly killed Michael Jackson was convicted and will be punished. Conrad Murray was convicted. He paid the price for someone who refused to get help to deal with his many other issues.

But there really is another issued here that we would like to bring up. The concept for this idea was taken from an impromptu interview that we saw on TV of a fan of Michael Jackson.

Para phrasing, he said that he was happy that Murray was convicted. But he also recognized that Michael Jackson had issues and needed help. As a population we are satisfied that some one has been blamed for his death. For example he will bear the ultimate responsibility.

What about all of the other people that were involved? From Michael Jackson to his body guards and his handlers. They all knew he had a problem. Especially his family knew that he had a problem with drugs. They all knew that some were along the road there was something going on that probably was illegal. Why did no one have the guts to do something? Why did they not get together and try to stop what was going on?

Conrad Murray Convicted

The answer is pretty simple. They were all on the take from Michael Jackson. As a result they were afraid of losing their jobs, from receiving their cash flow. In addition from the intense media scrutiny that would result from such an attempt to do something. Can you actually do something for an adult in our society? Can you take away their right to abuse themselves? Or do you wait until they kill themselves and then blame the last person to give them the drugs they so craved.

Conrad Murray is guilty, there is no doubt about it, but so are all of the other people that aided and abetted Michael Jackson in his quest to get the drugs that he so craved. The sad thing is that these people will go on to other jobs and may even end up in situations similar to the one with Michael. There is something wrong with our society when we allow this sort of thing to occur and we do not make the effort tot help people save themselves from themselves.

Michael is not the first and will not be the last one to die this way. Hopefully the people around these persons who are suffering will be able to learn from this and the outcome will be different! Someone needs to intervene and watch over other peopleĀ  that are abusing themselves or being abused by other people.


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