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Arias Trial Continues

Arias TrialThe Arias trial has been going on for many weeks and if there was ever an x-rated trial this has to be the one. It is a shame that she is probably going to get away with pre- meditated murder. Because the jury is confused. She is young and an attractive white women. Not many people can give someone like this the death penalty! Although this picture does not do her justice, with a little makeup she is quite attractive and has a nice figure. Who could convict this innocent looking, slightly built women of murder?

Well she eventually got convicted of murder. But the jury could not agree on whether she should be given the death penalty.  Apparently there were four people who could not vote for the death penalty. This is a sad day in our opinion when such a sophisticated liar who admitted to killing her boyfriend should get off because someone does not agree with the death penalty.

Arias Trial and Future Boyfriends

I really pity the poor guy that meets up with Jodi Arias when and if she eventually gets out of jail. She obviously has anger issues and she has control issues. If she is rejected or does not get her way, then someone is going to pay big time. The poor guy that gets tired of her or does not spend enough money on her, is probably going to pay with his life.

Even in jail she will be manipulating the guards and other inmates. She may even cause problems of a serious nature while in jail. Maybe she will not get out for a very long time. We can only hope so. If she does actually have good behavior, she may be paroled and look out guys.

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