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Jodi Arias Guilty Interview

What ever happened to the days when the jury announced you were guilty? The sheriff put handcuffs on you and led you away to be transported to jail! Not with Jodi Arias apparently! She was told she was guilty and them she gives a Jodi Arias Guilty interview against her lawyers guidance!

Arizona is one of the toughest states and yet she gets away with conducting an on-screen interview. Again she trashes Travis Alexander which she has done throughout the trial. This writer really did not think it was possible to be allowed to give interviews after being convicted of 1st degree manslaughter!

Jodi Arias Guilty

The twist of course is that she asked the jury to give her the death penalty. Which automatically put her on a suicide watch! There is a lot more to come yet . We have not seen the last of Jodi Arias! With all of the extreme news and actually much more important news, why do we spend so much time on this case.

The reason is that is a pretty young white woman who apparently has completed a very bad crime by killing her boyfriend in the shower no less. She also took pictures which she forgot to erase and then took the cops on a several wild goose chases before finally admitting she might have had something to do with it.

It is really a shame that the court system must deal with such a ridiculous case, spend millions on it. There is a much better use for out tax dollars. She is guilty and let’s get on with it.

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