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Are we Tired of the Arias Trial

Jodi Arias TrialAnother month and the Jodi Arias trial continues on! Can you believe that this obviously guilty women has not been already convicted of premeditated man slaughter? It is so ridiculous that she is even trying to mount a defense and making the person she killed out to be a bad person.

The expert has lied on the stand, Samuels gave her a book to study so he could diagnose her accordingly! And of course Laviolet has lied repeatedly and hates men. She does not even have the skill level to do the job. For that they both get $250 an hour! This is atrocious and shows just how bad the justice system and the defense lawyers can be.

More and more witnesses are being called to refute the experts and also Jodie’s testimony. This is looking bad for Jodi Arias.

Jodi Arias Trial

We wrote this particular piece during the trial and it was really to express our frustration at how this trial was being handled. It is unfortunate that so much time and money was actually spent on Jodi Arias, but that is how our court system works. Hire a good lawyer and you can be assured of a long drawn out process as long as you have the money to pay for it.

Which brings us to the next questions. Were does she get the money to pay for a lawyer for this length of trial along with the expert witnesses. At best she was a cocktail waitress making minimal amounts of money. She was essentially broke until she hooked up with her victim.

Jodi is attractive and she knows how to manipulate people. She also has the sympathy vote. After all how could a cute petite thing like her commit such a crime? Fortunately the jury did see through it all and convicted her. But it cost the state and tax payers a great deal of money to do so.

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