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Jody Arias

Jody Arias TrialJody Arias trial has been on for the last two weeks and HLN has covered it in detail while all of the other networks have been just giving the headlines. What is it that fascinates people so much that a channel like HLN can focus almost all of its coverage to this trial? Sure it is outrageous. There is a beautiful women on trial, but still what is it about America and makes this show popular?

This woman, Jody Arias,  is completely sick and probably guilty because of the way that she has lied. Many men have been pulled in by her. If she ever gets out of prison, more will suffer at her hands. They will either be broke or dead depending on how she feels about them.

Jody Arias – Guilty

In fact she is already admitted that she killed this guy but that she didn’t self-defense. Based on the prosecution witnesses there is just no way that this woman is innocent and should be put to death get using the electric chair whatever the used in that particular state or technique is Arizona.

The trial goes on with all kinds is admissions on the stand. Now they are playing a phone call recording which is not being shown on TV, which apparently pretty raw. This is an unbelievable testimony and probably all lies.

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  1. I cannot believe people actually acf this way. She should go to jail for a very long time

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