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Casey Anthony is Back !

Casey Anthony is backSurprise, Casey Anthony is back and has resurfaced via video’s on Youtube! found not guilty a few months ago, she immediately went into hiding after being released from jail. She got credit for time served. She did not need to serve any more time for the charges of lying to police which she was found guilty for.

I think we all knew it would only be a matter of time before she emerged again on the news scene. She wants attention from the media and the population who followed her case.

Why Casey Anthony is Back

Why would Casey be in the Media Spotlight Again? There are various theories as to why she would make these videos and release them. According to her lawyers these are video diaries that she is making to record her thoughts and feelings. They are considered private. Her lawyers say that her account was hacked and the videos were distributed over the internet! This might be true however there are a few questions about this particular theory?

Why for example are the names of some people blanked out from the audio? If this was a hack job, why would the hacker care to protect some people? More than likely they would just release the raw video and leave it at that.

Another theory is that Casey released it herself and really wants all of the attention to herself. she has also probably learned that she can bring a lot of unneeded legal issues if she names people. So maybe she blanked out the people that she named in the video herself or at least had help doing it.

This is possible and she does crave attention which she is receiving once again via the TV and most likely the internet.  Most people in her situation would just fade away hoping that the public would forget her so that she could begin a new life somewhere that is normal, maybe even get married and have more kids.

Casey Anthony Craves Attention

There are two things wrong with this theory. First she really craves attention. There is no better way to get it than stay in the public news media by doing these video’s. She must be awfully bored with life right now. In addition¬† if we are to believe the stories that she must remain hidden due to threats on her life.

This leads us to the last and most probable theory about why these video’s are out there and why Casey Anthony is back in the news. She owes a lot of money and has no visible means of earning any income let alone enough to repay her lawyers and all of the experts who testified on her behalf. After all she never even graduated from high school.

One of the news pun-dents feels that this is a carefully orchestrated release of video to keep Casey in the news. An attempt to generate more interest in possible sales of live interviews. Also videos and books that are probably in various stages of creation. She was all over the news in the fall of 2011, with her trial and subsequent release. She has since faded from the media coverage that followed her. This is not good for someone who is trying to make some money off her notoriety.

Did She stay Out of the News

Just watch what happens in 2012 relative to Casey Anthony. We predict a live interview with one of the main networks for which she will be paid. At the same time there will be a book or two released and she will likely sell the movie rights to her life and to the trial in particular. Meanwhile, her agents have to keep her in the news so that the public does not forget her! That’s our prediction for Casey!

Your thoughts? Maybe there are other possibilities out there that we have missed or not considered! For more posts about notorious crimes, click here.



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