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Good Samaritan Gunned Down – Jeremy Henwood

Good Samaritan Gunned Down - Jeremy HenwoodYesterday we wrote a post about the decline of our societies morals and how concerned we are about were our society is headed. Today we hear about a sad situation. This hi-lights both the decline of our society and also that there are still some really good people in our society.

This story is about Jeremy Henwood, a San Diego policeman. Who moments before he is killed siting in his cruiser after buying some cookies for a 13 year old kid at a local San Diego McDonald’s store. This is both illustrative of how there are some good people in this world. Unfortunately some bad people as well. It appears that the gunman was looking to commit suicide by getting shot by the police. He apparently left a suicide note. It appears his intention was to be killed by the police because he did not have the guts to do it himself.  More on this story will come out as to the details.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family of Mr. Henwood, who also completed tours of duty in the middle east as well. He survived unscathed only to be gunned down in his home town. It is just not fair. But at least he had the opportunity to bring a message to the world prior to his death.

If there is anything positive by his death it is this message that is now getting out to all of the news stations in the US and Canada and probably around the world. If he had not been shot. No one would have heard about his good deed at McDonald’s that day. It would probably not had as big an impact on that 13 year old either.

Good Samaritan Gunned Down – Jeremy Henwood

Perhaps there is hope after all that our society is not as bad as we think it is. If more people can do good deeds like this police officer would we all not be in a better place and be better off as a result? This is the question we should all ask ourselves every day when we get up. What good deed can we do today that helps someone and makes their life and ours better? It really is so simple to do a small good deed and make a difference for someone. Hold the door open for somebody, say thank you, say please, be polite to people and help people who are in need.

This police officer in San Diego was exposed to life in the middle east through his posting. I can bet that he thanked the lord every day that he survived that experience. He appreciates his life style so much after seeing how other people have to live in other countries.  When you think about it, living in North America is so great that we tend to take it for granted unless we are exposed to life in other countries.

Take Jeremy Henwood’s example and do a good deed today. You never know who you will help and how you will change their lives. Beside it also makes us feel good about ourselves, when we help others! This is just one of the few examples out of thousands that can be used as examples for us all to live a better life and help pur fellow citizens.


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  1. this is terrible and why we need to control guns, not eliminate them, you will never do that, but at least control them more than they are.

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