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Casey Anthony & Probation

Casey Anthony & ProbationFinally someone has caused some small amount of justice to be implemented in this case. For those of you who have not followed this case, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caley! Most people think she is guilty, however all of the evidence appeared to be circumstantial.

She was found guilty in a previous trial of fraud involving stealing money from a friends bank account. For that she is to serve a 1 year probation in Orlando. Judge Perry ruled that this is to begin this month and that she did not serve probation while in Jail!. All of this is a good thing since she certainly was guilty of lying and causing a great deal of anguish for many people, including her parents.

Casey Anthony & Probation

But I am not writing about Casey in this post. Instead I want to write about how ridiculous the entire case is and how ridiculous it is for CNN and other major news channels to spend so much time following this case when there are many other children who are missing and need help. Sure it was a really different case, sure she is an excellent lier and she did lead everyone on a wild goose chase. But why do we need to spend so much time on this one case on air when there are thousands of other children and parents who really need help? She should receive the death penalty and not be out on probation for passing bad checks or found not guilty for murdering her child.

Media pundits will tell you it is all about ratings. Certainly America must have been interested in this case. Other wise HLN, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS would not have devoted so many hours of programming to this case. That is the real problem though. Why is America so interested in this case?

Casey Anthony – Charisma

Casey Anthony has charisma. She is a pretty young white women who when she smiles will melt even the hardest persons heart! I think it is as simple as that. There are a lot of old guys who should be thankful she did not come after them for their money and subsequently their lives. Maybe that is to come, who knows. She can certainly charm almost anyone. She can lie with a smile on her face and most people would believe her. I think she could have been a very successful actress. By that last comment, I do not mean that actresses lie, it is just that she can do it with ease and you would believe her.

This case will pass and interest in her will pass. But we have not heard the last of Casey. She will be involved in some sort of scam or take some old guy for all his money sometime in the future. Wouldn’t be poetic justice if she did this to her trio of lawyers!

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  1. who cares what happens to casey anthony, she should have gone to the death chamber for what she did to her little girl. she does not even feel badly because she has no conscience, casey anthony should not even be in the news.

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