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Jody Arias Trial

Jody Arias TrialWe are now into the 7th day of her testimony which has been spread over 3 weeks and we have not even got to the actual murder yet. We are almost there in terms of the time frame that gets us to the actual murder.  Maybe this week we will get to the murder and then it will be the prosecutions turn. They are going to tear her apart on the stand and there are so many opportunities to do that. I am listening to Nancy Grace on HLN now and they are just tearing her apart.

Jody complained about a lack of money. There was a lack of receipts for hotels and gas while she traveled. Also  she filled up with gas so she would not have to buy expensive gas while traveling. Yet she rented a car when she was so broke and she had money to go for a manicure.

Jody Arias Trial

I am at the point were I cannot stand the show any more  and yet my wife is glued to the TV set and that means i have to listen to all of this drivel. I predict that she is going to get off and not be convicted of anything. The jury is so tired of listening to all of her detailed lies and then suddenly when we get close to the actual murder which she has admitted to, she suddenly cannot remember details.

This is really going to get interesting when the prosecution gets going and it will be sad actually to watch while they tear her story apart. Stay tuned.

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