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Cleveland Monster(s)

One brother has been charged with rape, forcible confinement, captivity and numerous other charges. There is no doubt that this man is the Cleveland monster. He should be put away for life, or even put to death if he’s given the death penalty. This is based on terminating at least five children with one of the women.

This is a terrible thing that is happened and should be dealt with appropriately. However this post is not about this particular crime for this particular brother. Instead we wanted to talk about the other two brothers who were initially arrested. They were let go and now not being charged with anything. Apparently they were not involved in any of the rapes or confinement activities.

Cleveland Monster

This man’s two brothers have apparently not been involved in any of these crimes. They deny all knowledge of anything to do with the crimes. They¬† had no idea that if he was going on. These brothers claim that they have been at the house. They had to follow specific rules when they were at the house. They had no idea that were three women plus a little girl at this home.

The writers on this blog happened to think that these two men, these two brothers, who have been at the house, may have been involved in someway. More information is going to come out over the next few days and certainly the women involved would be able to identify them if they were involved. At the very least they had to have had some idea that something strange was going on and should have challenged their brother quite strongly to confirm what was going on and then deal with it accordingly. They will carry guilt for the rest of their life regardless of whether they were involved or not or had suspicions or not. More information will become available over time as we listen to this ongoing sad story

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