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Casey Anthony’s Car Crushed

Casey Anthony's Car CrushedCan you imagine buying this car and driving it around Florida? If people did not throw rocks at it once they found out that  Casey Anthonys was car crushed they certainly would have vandalized the car. This is not a car that most people would want to own. We are pretty happy that it was crushed and not made available for sale.

Some person would have bought it who was a little bit off. They would have enjoyed it in a perverse way. As well as the notoriety of the car and the case, there was the ongoing smell that apparently was emanating from the car.

Sure the smell would have dissipated over time. But who wants to endure the smell of what was supposed to be a dead body in the trunk? The smell would have lingered for a long time regardless of what you did to try and remove it. No one would want to drive this car anywhere.

Casey Anthonys Car Crushed

It is probably a great idea to have this Casey Anthonys car crushed for other reasons as well. There are enough nut cases out there who would want to have the car to be a little closer to Casey. Or to somehow get involved in the notoriety that the case  has brought to the entire situation. These people will not have this opportunity now that the car has been crushed. We think this is a good idea.

She also or will soon be able to afford just about any car she wants to purchase with the deals that she is supposed to be signing. Still she probably does not want to be seen in public. There are still many people who believe she is guilty of murdering her daughter and disposing of the body in a most undignified way. No one deserves that ever!

If Casey Anthony were to be seen driving around in a new car, there are certainly people who would throw stuff at it. They would vandalize the car just to punish her in some way or to vent their anger at her. She should stay out of the limelight for many years to avoid any negative repercussions. Crushing the car is just one more step in that direction and we applaud this decision by the family or by Casey and her lawyers.

Casey Anthony – Bankruptcy

We learned recently that Casey Anthony had to declare bankruptcy. She has no income and no way of earning any money. Apparently all of the book deals and the movie deals are falling through since no one really wants to touch this subject. Eventually someone will. But in the mean time she has no money and has declared bankruptcy.

This means that those lawyers who defended her will also not get paid. Which is a good thing. Although we think they probably made money with all of the interviews and deals they tried to deal once the case ended. This is too bad. But at least they will not get paid by Casey from making money from her court case.

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