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Nugget Casino Searchlight Nevada

We passed through Searchlight Nevada almost every year on our way from Laughlin, Nevada to Las Vegas. We like to stop at the Nugget Casino for a coffee or lunch sometimes. There are actually two casinos in Searchlight, the Nugget Casino and another casino called Terribles. They also offer meals at McDonald’s and they have a gas station associated with their casino.

Nugget Casino Searchlight Nevada

There is not a lot going on in Searchlight. There are a few homes, a school and not much more. It is a place to get out of the car, take a break, maybe get something to eat and then head on to your destination. The casino is quaint and interesting, however, we do not expect that the odds would be very good in a casino like this.

It is also a place for the locals to come in and have a drink in the evenings or grab something to eat while they spend a few dollars on the slot machines. Searchlight is in the high desert, you can see for miles and there are four roads heading out of Searchlight. You can stay on the main road and head to either Laughlin or Las Vegas. There is a road which we have never taken which heads and connects with Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and California. There is a fourth road that heads down to the Colorado River and a state park. We drove down there one time, however, they wanted something like $20 to go into the park so we declined. We were staying in Laughlin and were just out for a drive that day.

The Staff at the Nugget are Friendly

On one particular occasion, we stopped for lunch at the Nugget Casino and sat at the bar. We must have been noticed as new people in town because the staff wanted to chat with us and find out where we were from and what we were doing in the area. When they found out that we had driven from Canada, this caused a lot of interest. Not many people pass through who have driven from eastern Canada.

There were friendly and courteous and the food was what you might expect in a small cafe that also happens to double as a casino. The only negative that we have to report is that a lot of these people have never seen a dentist. They are missing teeth and many are black with decay. It is a bit if a turnoff when you are trying to eat your food. Other than that they seemed to be really nice people!

Reviews of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight, Nevada

If you would like a more complete review of this casino, head over to another website, called, Las Vegas Reviews . This site provides reviews on many casinos we have visited across the US and Canada. There are many that we have not got to yet, but our objective is to go to as many as we can. The states and Canada are building so many that it is difficult to keep up with all of the new ones that are being added every year.

Send us your comments on any that you have visited. We would be glad to include them on our website.

We also checked out reviews on some of the other sites that cater to travelers and found no negative reviews. Most were informative and positive.  But let’s face it, Searchlight Nevada is the end of the road for many people and only a place that you might pass through for snowbirds and travelers. It is not a place where you will spend the night or any significant amount of time. It is an experience and we think that everyone should stop there at least once to see it and have lunch at the nugget Casino. It has much more character than the casino next door.

We should also mention that it is no relation to the Golden Nugget in Laughlin or in Las Vegas! For more posts about casinos around the country, click here.




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  1. Everyone has to visit the nugget casino once in searchlight nevada. it is an interesting little place to visit. Some of the people passing through are characters for sure.

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