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AVI Hotel & Casino Resort

AVI Hotel & Casino ResortThe AVI hotel and casino is located on the Colorado river south of Laughlin , Nevada. They have a large beach area on the river with lots of sand, a really nice pool area with lots of palm trees and a large lawn area for your pets to run off some steam. They also have an RV park and golf course near by. It is a bit isolated in that you must drive a few miles to either Bullhead Arizona or to Laughlin Nevada. It is a nice place to visit, although the casino can be very smokey at times due to all of the people who still smoke and play the slots.

AVI Hotel & Casino Resort

The AVI casino is a relatively small casino, but still has all of the popular machines that people look for. They have a  really great buffet as well with reasonable prices. The only issue for the writer is the amount of second hand smoke that exists in the casino. They really need more air circulation.

There is also a golf course and a large RV parking area as well. There seems to always a lot of people with RVs staying here. So it must be reasonably priced and have all of what they need. Many people will spend a week or so in their RV’s parked near the casino and use the casino facilities. It is a nice place to spend some time especially along the beach at the Colorado River.

They also have a farmers market going on as well. Not sure what days this runs. Perhaps someone can comment.

Note that in the summer time the temperatures can rise well above one hundred during the day and remain in the high 90’s at night. If you are planning to spend some time in this ares in the summer make sure you have access to air conditioning. Otherwise you may be quite uncomfortable trying to sleep at night .

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