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Akwesasane Casino

Akwesasane CasinoThe Akwesasane Casino is in the middle of a major construction boom. They have already updated the buffet restaurant, transforming it into a modern restaurant with great decor. Prices are very reasonable for buffets and the cost is excellent considering the choices that are available.

The sports bar has not changed, however it is already a nice spot to grab something to eat and relax while watching the sports on one of the 15 or so TV’s scattered around the room.

The picture above shows the hotel and the main entrance of what the new casino and hotel will look like once it is finished in March of 2013. This fall they plan to enlarge the main casino in the direction of the hotel and convert the tent area into a bingo hall. We think this is scheduled for the Oct or Nov time frame.

Akwesasane Casino

Once all of the construction is completed, this facility will be a first class hotel and casino attracting customers from hundreds of miles around. In fact even now people are coming from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, Kingston, Syracuse, Rochester and many other points in the northern parts of new York state.  As writers and visitors to casinos across the US and Canada, this particular casino is already one of our favorite places to go. It might not measure up to the glamor and glitz of Las Vegas, but it provides a very nice amiable place to have dinner and gamble on many of the latest machines as well as play at many of the tables.

Staying Over Night at the Akwesasane Casino

At the present time the only hotel within walking distance is the Comfort Inn. Once the casino hotel is open there will be another 100+ rooms available and more competition for customers. We are hoping that prices will come down a bit. Current prices at the Comfort Inn have been ranging as much as $137 US during the week.

They can afford to charge this rate since they are filling up on a regular basis. In some cases they are turning away customers because they are full. We suggest that you make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel. There are hotels several miles away which are much cheaper to stay at, however we are unsure about the prices and the quality of the rooms etc.

In March 2013, the casino hotel is scheduled to open which should provide some relief to customers and stabilize the rates.  In addition the casino will be able to comp rooms for players that warrant comps. Free rooms, free food and free play will be available to those customers that play sufficiently.

We are looking forward to this hotel opening and will write about it once we stay at the Akwesasane Casino hotel when it opens.

Crossing the Border for Canadians

Canadians have to cross the border in order to get to the Akwesasane Casino. There are number of locations. However for folks coming from the Ottawa area, crossing at Cornwall is the most direct route. Unfortunately it is also a busy crossing point. We would strongly suggest that you not plan to go over or return on a long weekend. The line ups will be very long, sometimes as long as an hour wait just to get through customs.

Early morning seems to be better and late at night. However if you try to cross anytime during the day on a busy weekend, you may have to wait quite some time.

For Americans of course there is no problem. You do not need to go through customs at all. For more posts about casinos around the country, click here


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  1. we have been to the Akwesasane Casino recently and they appear to be on schedule and making a lot of progress towards adding the hotel and expanding their casino. this will be a nice place when they are finished.

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