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Lake Havasu Resort and Casino

Lake Havasu Resort and CasinoWe recently traveled to the Lake Havasu Resort and Casino in California for a short one day trip. We are staying in Laughlin , Nevada. My wife thought that it would be interesting to go to this casino. We had heard comments we received from fellow travelers the previous year. It sounded like a nice day trip with lunch included so we gave it a try and in the process made a small video which we also link to on this site. It is a very small casino and average food in the restaurant. The following is a short video of the front of the casino in Lake Havasu Camp.

Lake Havasu casino

We visited Lake  Havasu city for a day and we were told that you could take the ferry across Lake Havasu to Lake Havasu camp were the Lake Havasu Resort and Casino is located  on the shores of the lake on the California side. The ferry ride included lunch for the price of a ticket, which was a good deal at the time, but we were running late and decided not take it. So this year we drove by car to this Lake Havasu  Resort and Casino which actually is a bit closer to Laughlin than Lake Havasu city.

Lake Havasu Resort and Casino – Winter Season

We arrived during the middle of March and this is obviously off season, since many homes and trailers are closed up tight. In fact it was almost like a ghost town. There were a few people in the casino and quite a few who came over from Lake Havasu city on the ferry which runs every hour ( I think).

This is a really small casino with maybe 200 machines, located right on the lake. You can sit at the bar, enjoy a drink, play the slots and look out on the lake to watch the boats etc. I imagine in the summer months that it is quite busy. They have the usual slot machines, just not very many of them.

The restaurant is basic and small with lots of windows looking out on the lake. We got a nice little table against the glass and enjoyed the view. We order fish and chips and also chicken tenders which came with french fries. They were ok, not very good for you, but they certainly satisfied our lunch time hunger. The service was fast and we were quite satisfied.

I would not go back to this location unless I was into boating. There is a nice little marina on the side and many homes obviously were storing boats for the summer season. The following video shows the casino as well as the marina.

Camp Havasu Marina

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you have been there in the summer time and would like to describe what there is to do in Lake Havasu area.


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  1. The only reason to go to the lake havasu casino is if you have nothing else to do. It is a small little place and not manymachines

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