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New Casino Hotel Akwesasane

Casino Hotel AkwesasaneWhen we originally wrote this post the new hotel was almost ready, scheduled to be open in March 2013. It is now open and as it turns out a really nice place to stay. The Casino Hotel Akwesasane is one that everyone should try and get to at least once.

The new bar  in the casino is open along with the new high limit area. The new lounge is open. They are gradually readjusting and moving all of the slot machines. They are replacing the carpet with new burgundy style carpet, a major upgrade in our opinion.   The table area were you play roulette and blackjack among other games has also been moved into the new area as well. So far all of the upgrades they have made look great. This hotel and casino complex is shaping up to be a very nice place to spend a few hours in as well as overnight.  Patrons will have a choice of the Comfort Inn next door or the hotel that is attached to the casino.

Casino Hotel Akwesasane

They have not done away with smoking which is too bad. The heavy smoking just spoils the entire complex and over time  will ruin the place with the nicotine residue that eventually ends on everything. They will spend a lot of money on cleaning and the machines themselves will need more maintenance.

The buffet was upgraded a few months ago and is the best in the area. The only negative is they still allow smoking, even cigars in the casino. It is too bad that a brand new hotel and casino has to be spoiled by smoke. The extra cost must be high to keep everything still looking great.

We are staying at the comfort inn next door which is really nice. Clean, no smoking and good service including the breakfast area.

The tent area which still houses some slot machines and the poker area is being renovated as well. We anticipate that the next time we go there, it will be totally empty and being prepared for whatever is planned for this space. Every time we go there is something new to see and it is exciting for both the employees and the patrons as well.

The same great deals seem to be still in place with the daily special draws, the seniors days with half price on the buffet and the upscale restaurants. They did raise the draft beer to a $1.50 from a $1.00, still very inexpensive compared to other locations. this is a really great place to spend a few hours gambling and we will be going back often.

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