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Mirage Hotel and Casino

We stayed at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on the last two nights of Jan 2011. The Mirage used to be one of our favorite hotels to stay at, however unfortunately they have changed their decor and also their service.  This is still a very elegant hotel and glamorous, however, it just Mirage Hotel and Casinodoes not suit our taste. We stayed at the Mirage because they sent us two free nights, so naturally we were going to take advantage of this offer.

The decor over the past two years has been updated. The Casino is decorated in darker mahogany wood grain with a more contemporary feel to it and we feel it is really catering to the younger crowd who I guess are more willing to spend their money on meals and drinks at the bars.

The rooms are nice, very up to date and we also had a great view of the city and the mountains. Las Vegas is well over a million people now and at night from the 23rd floor of a casino, the lights seem to go on forever.

The Mirage Pool

They also have a pool that caters to those of you who like to go topless, which is also aimed at the younger crowd and all of the dirty old men willing to pay to get in.

We were also disappointed that the pool was closed for maintenance. “This is a news alert for anyone planning to go to Vegas and stay at the Mirage Casino and Hotel in Jan and Feb of 2011. The pool is closed for major maintenance.”

Internet Access

Speaking of email, one of the things that the MGM group has started in Vegas and Atlantic City is that they now charge $15 per night for access to the internet, newspaper, and the gym. There is no choice in this, even if you do not use these features. Apparently, Harrahs also does this as well. Most of us cannot exist without the internet these days, however, there are also so many free sites around that we do not need to pay for the service.

As of this writing, we do not think that Wynn is levying this daily charge.

Mirage Restaurants

We had lunch at the Carnegie Deli at the Mirage and what a meal. We ordered pastrami on rye bread and french fries. The sandwich was over 5 inches tall and the best pastrami we have had in a long time. The french fries came on their own plate and were the size of regular dinner plate. We had already decided to split the meal and it was a good thing that we did because there is no way one of us could have eaten this meal by ourselves.

Other customers were even taking pictures of the sandwiches because they are so big. We strongly recommend that you either split the order or ask for a take out if you cannot eat it all.

On our last night, we had dinner at Kokomos in the Mirage. The decor of this restaurant used to be in a tropical setting with bamboo all around and a waterfall. It has also been updated to be more contemporary, you still have the waterfall and one section is beside the tropical setting that still exists, although much reduced. We still enjoy it because the food here is always perfect!

This restaurant has been a favorite of ours for many years. Carol loves to get the Alaskan King Crab legs. These are really huge with lots of meat in the legs and done to perfection. Unfortunately, I guess it is hard to get them at this time of year. They were marked “MP” or market price.

When we inquired, the price quoted was $167, which was way more than we wanted to pay. Considering we had all-you-can-eat crab legs a few days before we decided to go for steak instead. It was also excellent. An 8 oz fillet looks more like a 10 or 12 oz steak and you can almost cut it with your fork! They are so tender!

More Information – Mirage Hotel and Casino

For more information about the Mirage Hotel and Casino, click here.

We visited the Wynn hotel and the Bellagio hotels which are our favorite hotels to stay at. Both are elegant, bright and have a style that seems to cater to our tastes. For example when you order a glass of wine while playing, it is delivered in a wine glass. In other hotels including the Mirage, your wine comes in a tumbler instead. I think you actually receive more wine in a tumbler, but who wants to drink wine out of a tumbler?

Also at the Bellagio, when you order champagne, it comes in a champagne glass!  Click here for more information about the Bellagio and click here for more information about the Wynn Casino.

Comments about your opinions about these hotels are welcome. Our readers will be interested in your opinions. Spam comments will be auto-deleted. For more posts about casinos and slot cards, click here.

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