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Casino Slot CardsWe decided to add this post on our website because we are so excited to learn that not only are we getting two rooms free at the Gold Strike in Tunica, we also received two free buffets and $40 free play. There is more as well and so we have re-posted this article on this blog so our readers would not miss it. You can click on links below if you want to find out more about casinos, the Gold Strike or casino slot cards. We have written various posts about using slot cards and why it is important to always have a slot card and to use it while gambling.

Receiving free nights and free buffets is the same as winning a small jackpot.  Even better you cannot put it back into the machine, so this is really a true win! You get to sleep and eat and then play in the casino.

MLife Casino Slot Cards

MGM Grand has changed their slot card from MGM Mirage to “MLife” over the past few months and updated features as well. We assembled some of the new features as described to us by a slot host at the Gold Strike in Tunica, MS.

This is the new slot card from the MGM Grand group, renamed and now called MLife. It still has all of the casinos that are part of the group listed on the back of the slot card. Several new casinos have been added and at least one removed. Treasure Island was sold and is now called TI. It is no longer part of the MGM grand group.

There are so many properties and each of them have their own 1-800 number so they all have to be listed individually. Makes it tough to read for some of us who need better glasses. There are a total of 12 properties now listed on the slot card and your new MLife slot card can be used at each one of them!

Express Comps

They have added “Express Comps” to the screen readout. These Comps can be used at the restaurants to pay for your meals. MLife Comps cannot be used for merchandise. You can use these express comp’s at any of the MGM properties all over the US. Also at one property in Canada. A great convenience which their competitors have had for some time. Watch our next post for an article about a competitors improvements to their casino slot cards. To find out more about slot cards in general, click here.

This saves a lot of time. Before you had to go and talk to the slot host to see if they would comp you for a meal . Now you go straight to the cashier at the restaurant. Hand them your slot card. Then they will deduct your meal from the express comp’s balance on your account.

Talk to Your Host

Slot patrons should still talk to their host before checking out to see what room and additional meal Comps they might have coming to them. It never hurts to ask. We have had several nights and meals written off amounting to several hundred dollars. So it can be well worth it. It is the same as winning a small jackpot!

A lot of people either are uncomfortable about doing this or cannot be bothered. One couple we know do not even bother to get a slot card. As a result they pay top dollar for their rooms and all of their meals. They never get comp’d for anything. They are forgoing thousands of dollars sometimes in lost comp’ds.

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  1. casino slot cards are probably one of the best kept secrets. Most people are afraid to go into a casino and gamble let alone use a slot card. I see so many people not using one and they are giving up all kinds of free comp’s for rooms and meals, amazing.

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