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Aquarius Casino – Laughlin Nevada

We spent 4 days at the Aquarius hotel on the Colorado river enjoying the scenery, the food and of course the casino. The deals here are great with both rooms and meals at prices that you really don’t see anywhere else. Of Aquarius Casino - Laughlin Nevadacourse if you combine a slot card with your stay everything is pretty much free except for your play at the slots which sometimes can be pretty lucrative.

We had crab legs, all you can eat, 4 glasses of wine, buffet, by windows, by the Colorado river, and coffee all for $.92 cents the other day!  All of our room charges and our rooms were free including the drinks while we were playing the slots. There is a new game or should I say an updated game from an old show, called the wheel of fortune, with a large screen that shows the spinning wheels for all players on one screen. It is fun to watch to see who is winning and how much. I tried it and won about $30, which is ok!

I have to mention this, because we just do not see these type of deals in Canada or in other parts of the US. Arizona is just across the river and there is also a one hour time difference when you cross the river as well.

Gas on the Arizona side is at least 10 cents per gallon less on Arizona side, and 20 cents less with a car wash. They  scrub the car first to get all of the bugs off the bumper, the windshield etc and give you a drying cloth and freshener for your car. What a great deal.

Aquarius Casino – Laughlin Nevada

There is a sidewalk on the Nevada side that runs along the river past all of the casinos. On Saturday on the boardwalk there are bands playing country music. People are dancing in the sun shine, there are barbecues ,Mexican food and also beer, wine and mixed drinks. The people here come from every walk of life and every age group. Some should not be walking. They are so old or so weak. Some appear to be straight out of the mountains! This is a laid back kind of place were people really are relaxed and enjoy themselves!

Vegas is all glamor and glitz, with lots of shiny marble and lights. Laughlin is more low key and in the a style that Vegas used to be back in the late 70’s. They have all of the current slot machines and even some of the older ones. But prices and service are much better. I guess Vegas has to pay for the billion dollar casinos that have been built and so they charge a great deal for just about everything. For example we wanted to stay at the WYNN hotel in Las Vegas on the weekend and we were quoted $269 for one night , while in Laughlin, we stayed for free.

Things to do in Laughlin

There are lots to see in the Laughlin area and when we come back in March we will do a lot more site seeing, including going to Oatmen, which is an old mining town were the wild donkeys still roam the streets. click here to read all about Oatmen.

If you would like more information about the Aquarius Hotel, click here.

We are also taking advantage of a free rooms offer from the hotel while we stay here. This is because of the slot card that we use. My wife and I have had breakfast paid for by comps which was actually a brunch. We had one of the best omelets we have had on our trip.  For more information about slot cards and why you should always carry and use them when you are playing the slots at any of the hotels, click here.

Comments about the Aquarius are welcome , anything that will assist our readers in their travel plans. Spam comments will be auto deleted. For more information casinos in the area and across the US, click here.

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  1. This is the best hotel in Laughlin in our opinion. lots of large clean rooms, a great buffet restaurant, especially the seafood and the drinks are free which is great. We can walk along the boradwalk along the Colorado river and there is a starbucks there with free wifi access. A great place to stay.

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