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Wynn Hotel – Buffet

Wynn Hotel - BuffetWe recently went to the Wynn hotel’s buffet in Las Vegas. We had one of the best meals that I can recall from a buffet perspective.  The only other one that tops it is the Mirage hotel buffet from last year.

We were with a fiend of ours who just a few moments before had won $5280 on a nickel machine so they offered to pay for us and of course we accepted.  By the way that is over 100,000 nickels ! They paid her in $100 bills, but still that is a lot of money to carry around. Anyway I am digressing from the main topic of this post.

Wynn Hotel – Buffet – Pricey

The buffet during the week is #35 per person which initially we found to be a bit pricey. However when you consider the food available and the types of food, it is well worth the money. Try eating as much as can of lobster, crab legs as well as all of the other standard food they have available.

Roasts, turkey, pork chops, Mexican food, Sushi and on and on. You can always find something a little cheaper, but they will not include such a sumptuous set of choices.

Wynn Hotel Location

The buffet at the mirage is easy to find and there was no line up the day and time we went. It was a bit late for dining by North American standards, around 7:30pm.  We were given a nice table in a corner which was great for us since we had some privacy and we could talk about all of our friends winnings. She was really excited as I am sure most people would be.

Wine With Your Meal

All of the restaurants including the buffet at the Wyn hotel offer wine service. A word of caution is in order. If you think the price for the buffet is expensive. The price of wine is even more expensive, especially when you consider what you can pay at the local grocery store for a bottle of wine.

Now I know that you are not at a grocery store, the decor etc, however I found the prices for a bottle or regular California wine pretty expensive.

A neat little trick for those who are cost conscious. Playing the slots is to order a glass of wine from the cocktail waitresses, carry it in with you and enjoy your wine with your meal. Tipping a dollar for a glass of wine is much cheaper than paying $10 for a glass of wine!

Wynn Hotel – Tipping at Buffets

I am never really sure what to tip at a buffet. After all you are getting yur own food. Still a good waiter will make sure your table is cleared of used plates etc and they will bring you soft drinks and coffee if ordered quickly. Refills were no problem as well, so they should be tipped, it is just the amount that is in question.

If 15% is the norm for full service with average level of service by the staff, then 10% is probably reasonable in a buffet. If anyone knows or has an opinion on this please leave a comment. I see lots of people not leaving a tip at all at buffets which I think is not right. Also leaving 15 or 20% is way over the top as well.

Comments are appreciated, especially about tipping at buffets. Spam comments will be auto deleted.

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