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Wynn Casino & Hotel

We recently stayed at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas and we are convinced that this hotel is by far above all of the other hotels on the strip and in Las Vegas. The atmosphere, the cleanliness, the decor, the ambiance and the richness of the designs and layout just surpass everything we have seen in Las Vegas. There are so many areas to review about the property, we will probably miss a few, so if we do leave a comment for our readers. The pictures tell the story and we have included a few to give everyone an idea of just how nice this property is.

Starting with the entrance from the strip, you encounter a mountain covered with Wynn Casinotrees and several waterfalls that cascade down the mountain into pools of water were you can throw coins as you make a wish for whatever you are dreaming about.

There are also restaurants that you access from inside the hotel and shopping areas that have patios looking out on to the mountain and the waterfalls. Who could imagine in the middle of the desert that you would be dining beside a mountain lake and waterfalls?

Shopping Center

Across the street is a modern looking shopping center with a master peace that dominates the skyline. This is a saucer that looks like a spaceship and can be seen from many block away. Obviously they built this attraction to attract people to the mall  and to match the stupendous designs of the hotels around it.  This picture shows the saucer as seen from in front of the Wynn Hotel.

On the four corners of the Las Vegas Strip and Mountain Spring Road you have the Fashion Show Mall, the Wynn Hotel and Casino. Also the Treasure Island Casino or TI as it is now called and the Palazzo Hotel and Casino which is part of the Venation Hotel and Casino. As you enter the Hotel, you actually are in an upscale shopping area. All of the stores that you would associate with movie stars and celebrities. Obviously they are way beyond our means. However it is always nice to window shop and look at the outrageous prices that some people will pay for things. For example , my wife saw a purse that she would love to have for $2500! Not in my lifetime!

The Rooms

We were given a standard room on the 23rd floor. The number of floors is around 60 so we were almost halfway. However the view was fantastic even from the 23 rd floor. We had a view of the strip and the western side of the valley and the mountains. Spectacular at night! A friend of ours was on the other side and looked out on to the championship golf course. Which is located immediately behind the hotel, the pools and the eastern mountains.

Our room had all of the state of the art electronics. A controller that at the press of a button allowed us to turn on and off any light, open and close the curtains. In addition to indicate that our room should not be disturbed when we retired for the night. There were also leather chairs and a leather couch. There was a desk to work at if you were so inclined.  Oh and there was a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. As well as a flat screen TV in the bathroom. Should have taken a picture, but I forgot. Next time !

The Wynn Casino

There is something about being in a really nice casino vs. one that is just average. Everything is sparkling, the employees all have neatly pressed uniforms and the cocktail waitresses are sexy and elegant. You really have to see this place to appreciate the difference.

It is bright and colorful with plants and flowers along one side of the casino. There is a bar to relax in while you take time away from your conference or the casino.

The drinks delivered by the cocktail waitresses are in actual wine glasses, along with mixed drinks. This is a classy place. We would recommend that anyone looking for an experience stay at the Wynn hotel any time.

Of course as with all of the hotels in Las Vegas, if they are busy the rates go up and if they are running a little slow the rates will come down or you may even be given a free room. Check often and if you are flexible in timing, you can always obtain a room at a reasonable rate.

Comments are welcome. Our readers will appreciate hearing about your experiences at the Wynn Hotel. For more info about casinos, click here.

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