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cpap storesShould you purchase your CPAP supplies from a CPAP store or should you go online and purchase your accessories from an online store? Everyone is looking for the best price and for the best service at the lowest price. At a CPAP store customers can walk into the store with their old accessory and speak to a customer sales person regarding their needs. They can compare the items that would like to replace and make sure they receive exactly what they need. Some people feel that when you purchase items of this nature at a CPAP store prices are going to be higher than online and they might well be.

CPAP Stores – Compare Prices

The only way to confirm this assumption is to compare prices online with the prices that are listed in the CPAP store. Customers should always compare the full price which includes the price of the unit, any discounts offered by either place, the taxes applied and the shipping cost for online orders. Only then will you have a valid comparison to make a decision.

Other factors to consider when making a decision to purchase from an on line store or from a CPAP store is the level of service that you receive. Can you return the item easily if it is defective? If by accident you have ordered the wrong part, can they be returned easily? If you need help assembling the mask for example with the straps, what will you do if it arrives in a box from an online store? These questions basically boil down to the level of service you need and may or may not receive from either the online store or the brick and mortar CPAP store.

Why Not Just Purchase the Items, Why Worry about Price

We have found prices for some of the accessories to be in access of $200 from online stores. These prices are high and we have not yet compared prices for the same item at a CPAP store. However, if we can save 10 or 20% or even more by shopping around that could amount to $20 0r $40 in savings. Definitely worth taking the time to shop around on the internet for online CPAP stores. Also to call regular stores to compare prices.

Consumers should always know exactly the name or manufacturer of your machine. The model number of your machine and the accessories that you have purchased with the machine. Armed with this information, consumers can quickly compare prices, shipping and taxes before they make a decision to order equipment.

If service and support are very important to you regarding this type of equipment, then you probably want to go to a regular CPAP store to talk to a service representative and be properly fitted with the new accessories that are available.

Verification of Your CPAP Pressure Setting

Another advantage of going to a CPAP store is that they will read the data stored on your machines memory card. This card stores a surprising amount of information about your sleeping habits. Most importantly whether the pressure is set properly to deal with your sleep apnea. Some times after using a machine for upwards of a year the pressure may need to be adjusted. It should be optimized to do a better job of managing your sleep apnea.

Your sleep professional can read this data and make any recommendations necessary. They can adjust the pressure. In addition managing other problems that you might be having with sleeping. In addition there are new products available. They may be able to show you how these products might benefit you more than the current products.

All of this is a valuable service. However I would still encourage readers to compare prices. If the online store is only a few dollars different that the regular CPAP store then purchase your accessories at the store. If there is a significant difference in prices, then it is time to negotiate. Hence if that does not work, I would order from the online CPAP store. There is a price for everything and service levels are valuable. However so are my dollars and service or not, I would try to save money if it is a significant difference. For more information about buying online and CPAP Stores, click here.


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