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CPAP Machine TravelThe writer has a C PAP mask similar to the one that is shown in this picture and has been using it for over 250 days. When it was originally purchased, the supplier suggested that the mask, straps and hose would last about 6 months. Then I would need to replace them with new ones.

Well it has been well over 6 months. They all seem to be as good as new. So I am wondering if I need to replace them soon. Also were I can find C PAP Supplies to replace what I have? I make sure that I take really good care of the mask and the hose. The mask is washed with mild soap every day. The rest of the hoses and straps are washed once a week after soaking in mild soapy warm water.

If you take good care of things, they will last much longer than advertised. In addition to smelling a lot better. On one occasion,  I could not wash the mask for one day. Ifound that there was a slight odor to it the next time I put it on. So wash your mask every day to keep it smelling nice. Also to help preserve it so that you do not need to purchase new supplies.!

Insurance for C PAP Supplies

My insurance company pays up to 80% of the cost so the price is not that big an issue, but I still do not want to pay more than I have to. I also am planning a trip in a few months and wondering I should buy C PAP Supplies to take with me in case I run into problems. The hose could crack or one of the straps could break. Worse the nose mask could spring a leak and I would not be able to use the machine at all. The cost of a new set of hose, mask and straps is about $250 for me less the 80% that my insurance company would pay.

My questions are should I replace them now, or at least purchase the replacements so that I have a fresh set in case they break on me while traveling. The other question is where can I find the best price for the C PAP Supplies so that I am not getting ripped off by some medical company who is making a bundle on these items?

Follow the Instructions

I take really good care of everything and wash the mask every day. The straps and hose are washed thoroughly once a week as well with mild soap. They are clean and do not have that night-time smell that something that is warn every day sometimes will have. I believe if you take care of things, they will last a really long time and you will get more than your monies worth out of whatever it is you are using.

If anyone can let me know where I can find a really great deal on CPAP Supplies, whether it is in a store or online, I would really appreciate it. Saving money is always a good thing, since it means you can spend it elsewhere on something you really want! For more information regarding CPAP Supplies, click here.


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