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CPAP Accessories

CPAP MaskCPAP Accessories vary a great deal depending on the store were you made your original purchase. For most stores, accessories include the masks, the straps and the hoses. These accessories will wear out from time to time and require replacement. We are told that they will need replacement within three months to nine months. Depending how well you take care of these elements.

We have shown a variety of masks in the picture above. Each one will need straps to hold it in place. They all need hoses to connect them to the CPAP machine. These are the elements that will break down from time. Hoses will crack, masks will become brittle and not make a good seal against your face and straps may even break as they become brittle with age. Most stores will stock all of these types of accessories and you will have to first pay for them and then claim the expense with your insurance company if you have health insurance that covers this sort of thing.

Other CPAP Accessories

No one has tried to sell me any of these things yet and I have been warned to not make these purchases no matter how good it sounds. Gels to help the mask make a better seal and to keep the mask supple, special pillows that will elevate your head to the right level, heated hoses to keep the air warm during the winter as you breath in through the mask and on and on.

You can use your own pillows instead of these special pillows at a much reduced price. You might even purchase several pillows for the price of a special pillow purchased at a health store.

Regarding the creams or gels, I personally have not seen a need for this at all and one of my good friends who has had a CPAP machine for five years,  does not see the need for any gels at all.

As far as the heated hose is concerned, it would be nice to breathe warm air instead of cold air, however I do not know about you, but I have been breathing cool winter air for many years while I have been sleeping and not had any problems. we keep our home quite cool in the winter time so we will just keep doing the same thing.

CPAP Accessories While You Travel

If you are going away for a week or so, there is probably not much to be concerned about. If something breaks such as a strap you can probably make do until you return to your home.

On the other hand if you are a snow bird who goes south for the winter, you might need to make sure that you take an extra mask, straps and hoses just in case one of them breaks while you are away. On the other hand, locating a store near were you are staying might be also worth your time so that you can purchase replacements any time you need them.

The CPAP machine and all of its accessories has become a part of your life and if you are getting much better sleep, not snoring and overall better well being, then you will take the time and make the effort to take everything you need with you.

Distilled Water for Your CPAP Machine

It is strongly recommended that you use distilled water for your machines humidifier if you have one. Most people have a humidifier with their machine to keep their nasal passages from getting too dry during the night.  Bring a bottle of distilled water with you when you travel and if you are planning to stay for more than a week locate a store were you purchase additional distilled water.

Although some people will use tap water in their humidifier, there are lots of potential problems with this approach. For one there are contaminants in the water that really should not get into your lungs. Secondly there is often calcium as well which will build up on the heater for your CPAP Humidifier.  For me, I would not take the chance> I would always use distilled water wherever I go.

Hope this helps regarding practical advice regarding CPAP Accessories. Personally, other than the basics, they are highly over rated. For more information about CPAP accessories, click here.


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  1. glad to hear that CPAP machines really help, but what would happen if you lost some weight. would that decrease the snoring and the sleep apnea?

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