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Supplies for CPAP Machines

Supplies for CPAP MachinesFrom time to time CPAP users will need supplies for CPAP machines that they use. Purchased from a home care store will likely mean that they are very expensive.  The price quoted for a CPAP nasal pillow mask with straps and hoses to go with it was $225 Canadian. Which when compared to what we have seen on the online stores is more than double the price.

It pays to shop around for supplies for CPAP machines,. Although consumers need to be careful that they purchase the correct size and mask for their CPAP machine. They also must ensure that the size is correct for their head and the fit around their nose and mouth.

The picture above is one of a nasal pillow mask that works really well. Especially for people who can keep their mouth closed while sleeping. This mask just fits over the end of the nose. It is held in place by straps as shown in the picture. The straps can be detached as can the hose that fits into the flexible nasal pillow mask. Again size is important depending on the size of your face. Also the size of your nose. Make sure you purchase the correct unit, otherwise you may be disappointed.

What Supplies for CPAP Machines Do You Need

Basically the only daily supply users require is distilled water for the humidifier. This water has no impurities. It is used in the humidifier to add humidity to your nasal passages and lungs as you breath through the mask. Distilled water can be purchased at many drug stores and some grocery stores.

The machine itself comes with filters to keep large particles from entering the system. This needs to be cleaned once per week or perhaps every two weeks depending on the conditions. There is also a filter that can be inserted to filter out pollen and fine particles for those people with allergies. These are to be replaced once per month. they are inexpensive and can be purchased at a CPAP store or home care type of store.

The remaining supplies that you may need consist of the hoses and the mask with the straps. We are told that these parts will last up to a year depending on how well you take care of them. The plastic hoses and mask become brittle with age and will crack requiring their replacement. The mask should be washed every day to remove body oils etc, while the hoses and straps should be washed with soap every week. Once they crack, they need to be replaced, since your system will not work properly with air leaking out of the crack.

That is about it in terms of what supplies you may need.

Travel With a CPAP machine and Supplies

Finding supplies for your CPAP machine can be difficult depending on where you are going. Distilled water can be found in many places. In a pinch you could go without or use clean water, but why take the risk. After all any impurities int he water will go straight into your lungs. This is why it is so important to keep everything clean and dry when not in use.

When we travel we either take additional spare parts with us or we do a search before we leave to make sure that we can either order spare parts from home, online or there is a home care store near by were we can purchase what we need. You do not want to suddenly experience a problem while traveling and have to do without your CPAP machine now that you are used to it.

Personally I have purchased an additional mask and I think I will also purchase additional straps since these appear to be the most fragile of all of the supplies. In a pinch I could seal a hole in the hose with some tape if I was unable to find another hose while traveling. These parts are quite small and can fit into your travel bag with no problem what so ever.

That’s about it regarding supplies for CPAP machines. There are lots of places that sell them, since many more people are being diagnosed with sleep apnea and these machines really do work. They ensure that you get a good nights sleep and they stop you snoring completely. Why would you not take yours with you when you travel along with the supplies that you need? For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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  1. i will need CPAP supplies very soon. I have to replace my nasal pillow mask. I think the straps and the hoses are ok, at least they look ok. where can if find the best prices for cpap supplies?

  2. I was put on VPAP, which is very similar to CPAP. It was awful, and like you, I slept worse. After a month or two of tirnyg to get used to it, I took it back.I’d avoid sleeping pills. Return the CPAP, sooner rather than later. And insist that you can’t sleep with the CPAP- and be detailed about what about it keeps you from sleeping. Sleep Doctors love to blame resistance to the sleep mask on claustrophobia. If that’s not part of the problem, let them know.

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