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CPAP Supplies for CPAP MachinesConsumers looking for CPAP supplies may want to compare both online prices as well as prices at a full service medical store. We have found that there are many web sites offering CPAP supplies online. The prices appear to be pretty good. They suggest that they have deeply discounted prices and are much cheaper than full service stores. As with all products that you purchase whether it is online or from a regular store, the price is only part of the story.

Consumers who take the time will know that price is a large factor, but so is the quality of the item that you are purchasing. Another factor to consider is the level of service that you receive and how important that is to each person. Each person applies their own level of priorities to each factor when making their own personal decision. Finally another set of factors is shipping cost if you order online and the taxes that you pay.

What CPAP Supplies Do You Need

Your CPAP machine should be fine for many years so we will assume that the machine itself does not need repairs etc. The other components that may be needed from time to time include the following:

  • CPAP connector hose
  • CPAP hose attaching the mask to the main hose
  • Mask for CPAP
  • CPAP straps
  • CPAP filters
  • Distilled water

Consumers should really use distilled purified water in their machines for several reasons. First the water is pure and all impurities have been removed. This includes calcium and also chlorine which you really do not want to ingest into your lungs. The distilled water is used in the humidifier section of the machine and keeps your nasal passages and throat from drying out while sleeping. If consumers were to use tap water in this humidifier, calcium deposits would also build up in the humidifier after a short time as well making cleaning more difficult.

Why Do I Have to Replace These CPAP Supplies

The answer is that you do not have to replace them until they start to deteriorate. As the plastic and rubber ages, cracks will from in the hoses and also the mask allowing air to escape and making it difficult for the machine to maintain the proper pressure. In addition the sound of the air escaping may also be annoying as well.

Oils from your skin and any makeup or aftershave can also cause the rubbers to deteriorate over time as well. Regular cleaning will help to remove these oils and protect the accessories. Consumers using these machines should always make sure their face is clean and clear of all oils and makeup before using the mask. The mask should be cleaned with warm water and mild soap every day after you get up to avoid buildup of these oils on the mask. In addition this will also ensure that the mask and hoses do not begin to smell. In addition the hoses and straps should be washed once a week in the same manner.

By applying this cleaning regime on a daily and weekly basis your CPAP accessories should last six to 12 months with no problems. Some will last much longer depending on the level of care provided by the user.

Why Wait Until You Have an Emergency

Most people wait until something breaks and then they repair it or replace the item as needed. Your CPAP machine is really helping you sleep much better. In addition also avoiding potential strokes and heart attacks. Why would you wait to replace an item until it breaks? Once your accessories are six months or more old, why would you not at least purchase the CPAP supplies you need and keep them in a safe place until they are needed?

Another reason for taking this approach is to ensure that you also have these accessories with you while traveling. It may not be as easy to find a CPAP supplies store when you were traveling so why not buy your supplies in advance to ensure that you have everything you need while traveling.

CPAP supplies can be purchased online and also in stores. Advice and service support are also important attributes to consider when purchasing your supplies. For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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