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CPAP Medical SuppliesWhen should you replace your CPAP equipment? That is the question that I am asking myself. My machine, hoses and mask are nearing the one year mark. I really cannot see anything wrong with mine and the mask etc does not smell or anything like that. The hose is not cracked and there are no signs that it is nearing the time when it should be replaced. Yet the technician that set me up with a CPAP machine and mask suggested that I should probably replace all of the CPAP medical supplies except for the machine itself sometime after the first six months. So far I am not really planning to replace anything, but I am wondering why such a difference in my usage vs. what the technician suggested.

Clean Your CPAP Medical supplies

I really believe the difference is that I routinely clean my nasal pillow mask and water tank every day. I always use fresh water, the distilled type and I clean these items first thing in the morning and then leave them out to dry properly.  Once a week I wash everything, the mask, the hoses and the straps that hold it in place. So far they look like new and they do not smell which is by far the most important part!

CPAP mask – this element can take various forms. I use a nasal pillow CPAP mask, while a friend uses a full face mask. It is really a personal preference regarding which one you use and which one is the most comfortable. Wash it every day with warm water and mild soap to keep it fresh and clean.

Hoses – need to remain flexible and not be allowed to become brittle. Once they do they will crack and allow air to escape. Wash them at least once per week in warm soapy water as well by soaking them for at least an hour and then rinse them off.

Filters – the filter which is actually a small sponge should also be washed weekly. If you very concerned about pollen and dust due to allergies, there are allergen filters which can be installed over the sponge filter which will keep even more particles out of the airway.

CPAP Machine

This is the main device that you pay all of the money for. This CPAP medical device is the most expensive part and should be taken care of with the utmost care. Keep it clean and free of dust and also empty and rinse the water reservoir on a daily basis. Allow it to dry before refilling to remove any possibility of contamination by dust particles.

CPAP medical supplies can be purchased online, however I prefer to get mine at the local store where I originally received by device in the first place. I find they provide great consultation services and will address all of my questions. Their reward for this free service is my loyalty and willingness to purchase this medical supply device from them.

For more information about CPAP medical supplies, click here.

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