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Order CPAP Supplies Online

Order CPAP Supplies OnlineWould you ever consider placing an order for CPAP supplies online? The writer needs CPAP supplies from time to time and we were wondering if it is worth the time and the trouble to order CPAP supplies online or just go to the local medical store to obtain all of our supplies. Pretty soon we will need a new hose and a new mask since the one in use now is about 10 months old at this time and I have to begin comparing prices.

Insurance Claim

The additional complication is that I can claim this expense as part of my medical expenses with my medical insurance. As long as I have a receipt for the items purchased there should be no problem with submitting a claim to my health insurance company to get a refund for my expenses. The real issue with buying things online is whether the cost of these items is lower when you purchase CPAP supplies online or not.

When you make an online purchase, sometimes there are additional charges that may surprise a consumer.

Order CPAP Supplies Online

Making a purchase at a local store eliminates or reduces the shipping charges that you may incur when you purchase on line. This is something that must be taken into account whenever you make any purchase online including CPAP supplies. Another point to take into account if you happen to be ordering something from a company that is not in your country is brokerage and import fees. Some companies will not ship across the border for this simple reason along.

Before making a purchase online, check or compare the final price with tax, shipping, and brokerage fees to what you can purchase the same product locally for. Consumers can save money, but doing your homework can sometimes save you time and money as well as frustration.

Visit a Local Medical Supply Store

One of the things that I did is to visit a local medical supply store to price out the cost of the CPAP supplies. I wanted to compare the prices they charge with purchases I can make on line. I found the prices to be fairly reasonable. However I am wondering if  I order them in the US and have them shipped to me in the US? Can I find a lower price, especially when you take into account the taxes and duties that are charged on items being shipped into Canada?  Stay tuned for more investigation results.

In summary compare prices for CPAP supplies that includes the purchase price, any tax that may be charged, brokerage fees, import fees and shipping fees with the price you may pay for an item that you purchase direct from a local store. If the cost difference is not too much different, then you may as well purchase locally and receive the service you should get from the local store. If there is a problem with any of the components, you can simply return them for an exchange which has a lot of value in my books.

In addition you may also want to check with your insurance company if you are making a claim to make sure that they will accept the receipt for the items you are purchasing. Make sure they do not have any funny rules about buying in country or need special receipts for the items you purchase.

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