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CPAP Supplies Discount

Supplies for CPAP MachinesThe picture on the left is an example of one type of CPAP mask that consumers can purchase. There are actually about ten different styles, however the point of this post is not really about the type or number of CPAP masks. Instead we wanted to bring to consumers attention that they really need to shop around to find the best price for their CPAP supplies. In many cases they can be purchased at a discount, sometimes as much as 50%. Medical supplies are priced very high, especially if you purchase them through a medical supply agency or company. Consumers can really save a great deal of money by shopping around to get the best deal. An example will illustrate what we are talking about.

CPAP Supplies Discount

The write recently went to a local health provider of medical equipment. This is a popular one and used by many people including seniors who need various types of supportive equipment. In our case we wanted to replace the hoses and the nasal pillow CPAP mask that is being used. Everything was great in terms of service, fitting etc, until we saw the price for a hose, the mask and the supporting straps. The total came to over $250, the mask itself with straps was $230. At the time we were kind of blown away at the high cost. When the writer mentioned this to the medical professional, the answer was somewhat surprising. First she indicated or reminded me that my health insurance would pay for 80% of the cost. Secondly she mentioned that anything related to the medical field is very expensive.

Well the writer decided to check around to see what other prices there are. Turns out that you can purchase the exact same thing for half the cost online. So should the writer purchase the CPAP supplies at a discount? Well my insurance only pays 80% which means my cost would be around $50. If I purchased the items online ,y cost will be around $20 after putting the claim into my insurance company.

We are not going to purchase the CPAP supplies from our local medical store on principal. This is just a rip off and we have to vote with our dollars to register our dissatisfaction. What do you think?

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