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Maine Rafting Trips

Maine Rafting TripsThere are lots of Maine rafting trips available across the state. However we identified a couple that many readers of white water rafting excursions may find interesting. These are on the Kennebec and the Dead Rivers. There are a variety of trips offered along the rivers suitable for all levels.

You really just have to check with some of the operators. Let them know your skill level and interest level and they will set you up with the proper trip. It is very important to match skill levels with the rafting trip you plan to go on. This is for your own personal safety and the other people who are in the raft with you.

Maine Rafting Trips – Kennebec River

The Kennebec River offers something for everyone from families to enthusiasts. World class whitewater rafting, with crystal clear water and spectacular scenery are available. With a daily release from the Harris Dam there are lots of white water rafting available. A word of caution is in order. Always go with a guide who is familiar with the water and the timing of the release from the dam.

There are full day trips and half day trips which many people may find interesting. Prospective white water rafters should always check ahead to make sure that they have the conditions they are looking for. Half day trips start around 9:30 and you should be finished by 1pm.

The Dead River

The Dead river is another wilderness white water rafting excursion that is popular in Maine and New England. It flows 16 miles through the Maine wilderness. There are 10 scheduled high water releases from the dam in the spring and fall. Enjoy spectacular white water among some of the best scenery in the nation.  N the fall you can also enjoy the beautiful fall colors if you have time to take your eyes off the roiling water that flows down the Dead River.

These dam releases fill the river with whitewater and create one of longest continuous stretches whitewater rapids rafted in the East. This rafting trip is fun, fast, and furious. The rapids can become stronger as the day progresses with big class IV+ holes and large wave hits. Highlights of the rapids include  “The Mine Field” “Elephant Rock” and “Humpty Dumpty”.  The wilderness setting is outstanding and the best rapid the class IV+ ” Poplar Hill Falls”.  This mile long rapid has over 15 large waves. This whitewater rafting trip is a fantastic way to kick off or wind up the rafting season.

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