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Maine White Water Rafting Trips

Maine White Water Rafting TripsThe state of Maine has three main rivers that many white water rafting enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Maine White Water Rafting Trips include the Penobscot, Kennebec and Dead Rivers. There are adventure pumping river trips for the thrill seekers.

There are trips for the family with gentle floating rapids. They allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and the scenery along the river. All trips are led by experienced guides and all equipment is provided to ensure your safety and that of your family while on the trip. Guides ask that participants follow their instructions to ensure the safety of the group as well as yourself.

Some trips are in large ten person rafts. Depending on the trip and the length of the trip, you may also enjoy a riverside lunch grilled right on the river’s edge. Participants can enjoy side hikes as well as swim in the river to cool off.

Maine White Water Rafting Trips

The Penobscot River flows through Ripogenus Gorge in the shadow of majestic Mount Katahdin and the vast wilderness of Baxter State Park. The thrill begins immediately as your rafting guide leads you through Exterminator Rapids, the Staircase Rapids and Big Heater. Then on to the narrow shoots and big drops of the Cribworks. But there’s much more – fourteen miles in all – like Big Ambejackmockamus Rapids, Nesowadnehunk Falls, and Abol and Pockwockamus Falls.

The Kennebec River offers twelve miles of whitewater action, starting at the dam below Harris Station and entering the steep-walled gorge of the Alleyway. Tackle a succession of heart-pounding rapids and waves like Big Mama and Whitewasher before dropping over Magic Falls, the biggest hit on the river. Below there’s Dead Stream and Black Brook Rapids and pretty riverside waterfalls of the same name. Osprey and moose are common along the way, so keep an eye out when you’re not paddling.

The Dead River offers sixteen miles of nearly continuous whitewater, the most in the East! From the put-in just below the beautiful horseshoe of Grand Falls you’ll be on the go with paddle in hand, splashing down through rapids named Humpty Dumpty and Elephant Rock, Minefield and Mile Long. The Dead River saves the biggest and best for last, so hold on for the incredible ride through the watery chaos of Poplar Falls!

Who can raft?

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for adventure can raft. You need not be a fitness fanatic or an Olympic Athlete. Maine rafts typically hold an eight person crew and a guide. To protect the environmental quality of Maine’s rivers, the State limits the number of rafters each day.

What is included?

Outfitters provide transportation to and from their base facility to the rivers, life preservers, helmets and paddles, a pre-trip orientation and safety meeting, a ride down the river and a hearty, open grill meal. Most outfitters provide a slide or video show of your trip down the river at an “a près-trip” party at base camp.

How much does it cost?

Prices for river trips vary based on the month, day of the week and number of people in your party. A one day trip on the Kennebec typically ranges from $80 to $120 per person. A day trip on the Penobscot $90 to $130 per person and on the Dead $90 to $140 per person. Packages including lodging or camping and other wilderness activities are available and each outfitter offers group rates.

When can we go rafting?

The season on the Penobscot and Kennebec begins in late April and ends in mid October. Controlled daily dam releases from hydropower dams on these rivers guarantee water levels throughout the season, even during the driest summers. There are seven high water releases of over 5,000 cfs on the Dead River in the Spring and Fall. Kennebec River Turbine Tests of 8,000 cfs are scheduled four times throughout the season.

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