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Maine Whitewater Rafting

Water Rafting in MaineMaine whitewater rafting is exhilarating and the scenery can be fantastic. The fall foliage is at it’s peak in the October time frame. However if you are interested in rafting on one of the Maine rivers when the leaves are at the peak colors you need to book early. The leaves change depending on the weather that we get in the months of September and October. You are really taking a chance on getting just the right time to see the leaves still on the trees at their peak color.

Maine Whitewater Rafting – River Categories

Pick your rafting trip based on skill level as well as entertainment value. Families with children or older adults who may not be able to swim to shore if they get dumped in the water may want to consider lower category rapids. You are responsible for your own safety although the guides will make sure everyone is wearing life jackets and will be responsible as you go through various rapids. However if you have a health concern, you may want to think about the category level of the rapids you will be navigating.

River Flows Vary with the Weather

The time of year and the amount of precipitation can change the category level overnight. For example with the spring runoff, the water is high, fast flowing and very cold. In the summer after a storm there may be a surge for a few days until the water has passed through the gorges and settled back to regular summer time flows. If you are concerned about the category level and your ability to handle the rapids with your guide and fellow rafters, check with the guide company prior to heading out on a white water rafting trip.

Over Night Rafting Trips

Some trips are overnight with all camping gear and meals included.  These are really great trips and many people enjoy them every year. There are a couple of concepts that all participants should keep in mind along with the guidelines that the rafting company will tell you. First of all bring a second set of dry clothes that are enclosed in a water proof bag. You are going to get wet and no one wants to sit around the camp fire in wet clothes.

Maine Whitewater Rafting – Safety While Rafting

Secondly always follow the instructions of your guide. He or she is there to keep you safe and have fun. Going swimming for example after having a few drinks at night around the camp fire can be deadly. Hypothermia can set in quickly and if no one is there to help you, it can be devastating. You probably want to bring your own sleeping bag as well just for personal hygiene.  Finally if you have special food requirements, you will either want to bring your own or see if the guide company can accommodate your requirements.

While in the raft, your guide is in command and has gone down this river many times. He knows what to do at various locations to position your raft properly to ensure safety while at the same time providing you with an experience that many will treasure for a life time. Follow their instructions and help your fellow rafters with any issues they have. After all if  one person has a bad time chances are that they will affect the rest of the group.

That’s about it for Maine whitewater rafting. If you have comments or suggestions for this site, let us know. We would be happy to include all positive and constructive comments and suggestions.

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