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Maine Rafting Guides

Maine Rafting GuidesMaine rafting guides are just like guides all over the USA and Canada in fact the world. They are trained professionals and doing their job to keep you safe as well as provide you an entertaining white water rafting trip. Their job is to make sure that you understand all of the safety precautions to take before you begin your trip. During the trip their job is to guide you down the river, keep you safe, tell you when to paddle, and went to not paddle, and steer the raft around the huge boulders and rapids.

Maine Rafting Guides – Follow directions

It is very important to follow the directions of your Maine rafting guides. They’re the ones who know the river, and all of the things that could cause their customers a problem. For example the water in the river is extremely cold most times of the year. If they tell you to stay out of the water to avoid hypothermia then do so. Too many people have not followed their guides instructions and have drowned as a result of having hypothermia while in the water.

On overnight trips people like to party and sometimes they have too much to drink. This is when it is very important to follow what your guy is telling you. Failure to do so can cause your death or some of your friends deaths. A strong guide will evict you from the rafting trip and arrange for someone to come and get you and take you home to the main base.

Stick to skill level

All rivers that have white water rafting trips on them are rated from 1 to 5. One being the easiest to navigate and suitable for most families and children, while five is extremely difficult and only for the experts who can swim quite strongly and have rafted many times down the river. These are the people who should only take that kind of trip. Choose your rafting trip according to the skill level that you have as well as your strength in swimming. Avoid going on white water rafting trips that require a high skill level in terms of being able to survive in the water and reach the shore. If you are not a strong swimmer, stick to the lower rated rafting trips to make sure that you are safe and have an enjoyable white water rafting trip.

Maine Rafting Guides – Practice safety

Your rafting guide is interested in providing you a great trip, a fun trip, one that is enjoyable by everyone however they also need you to follow all of the proper safety instructions that they will provide you. The principal one that you must always follow is to wear your life jacket at all times while in the raft and on the river. In addition you should follow and must follow all of the rafting guides instructions to ensure that you are safe and the members of your raft crew are also safe.

What do you look for in a guide

Most people look for white water rafting guides that will provide them with a lot of fun. No one really wants to have a boring guy who barely talks. Or does not provide any kind of information about the surrounding vegetation and rock formations. At the same time customers need to know that the they have an experienced white water rafting guide.

They need to know that this guy can get them down the river safely. Questions to ask are how many times has this guy traveled this river with a raft full of people. How many times has this guide had to have people rescued. How many years of experience providing Whitewater rafting do these guys have. These are just common sense things that you should always check into before you embark on your white water rafting trip in the state of Maine.

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