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Rafting Maine

Rafting MaineFall colors were spectacular for rafting in Maine this year just like they are every year. The fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be rafting, camping or hiking in the state of Maine. The trees are changing color and exhibiting fantastic colors for everyone to enjoy. A sunny day in the fall with the leaves in full color is one of the most beautiful times of the year to enjoy the outdoors. If you are rafting at this time of year, the water is going to be cold so make sure that you are dressed properly and do not suffer from hypothermia.

Your tour guide company can provide you with the proper guidelines. They should cover what clothing to wear and to bring along. In addition many will provide wet suits for rent to help in keeping you warm during your white water rafting ride. Check with them before you decide to find out schedules, availability, skill levels and clothing to ensure that you have the best trip you can.

We are writing this postĀ  in December. Although theĀ  season is over, the scenery is still fantastic with all of the snow now on the ground. Once it snows most of the leaves will be gone and the snow transforms the scenery completely.

Rafting Maine

Many white water rafting enthusiasts are still looking forward to spring. The companies that offer white water rafting are repairing gear. They are also deciding what they need to purchase to replace existing gear that is past it’s useful life. They will be planning new trips and updating old ones to prepare for the new season.

There will be the high spring run off to provide thrills and exciting rafting for many enthusiasts. Spring runoffs can be extremely high flowing rivers with lots of water going over rocks that are usually exposed. With the high water levels they can be hidden under the water level and provide extra thrills.

Safety is a concern especially when creeks and rivers are flooding. Only go with experts who know the river and its twists and turns.

River ratings may be higher due to the higher rate of water runoff. You may want to check first if a flooding river is still within your rating level.

May have extreme trips during the few weeks that the rivers are in flood stage.

Rafting Maine – Safety

Need wet suits to prevent hypothermia since the ice cold water will be approaching freezing levels.

Always bring second set of dry clothes to change into after you complete your rafting trip.

Enjoy your trip and follow all safety whitewater rafting guidelines. Safety is the utmost importance to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip without any significant incidents.

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