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Maine Whitewater

Maine WhitewaterThe fall is a fantastic time to go Main whitewater rafting in the state of Maine. The leaves are turning color, the sun is shining, and the days are just fantastic with what us known as Indian summer. Of course you can get some days when it’s cold and rainy but that just adds to the excitement as you are white water rafting down one of the many rivers in the state of Maine that are available.

If you do go at this time of year, you will need the proper set of clothes and probably a wet suit to protect you from hypothermia. Investigate with your white water rafting leader regarding the best things to bring to ensure that your trip is enjoyable. Some companies will provide everything you need and you just need to bring a second set of warm clothes to put on when you are finished with your whitewater trip.

Maine Whitewater – May Through Oct Rafting

Many people go white water rafting from the month of May right through until the end of October. The water flow depends on the weather, how much rain is received during the season, and whether the white water rafting rivers are below dams. The type of white water rafting will vary by month and even by day depending on storms etc.. Rivers that are below dams will often experienced regular discharges of water. This discharge creates great white water rafting trips. Check with the company you are planning to use to find out the best time to go whitewater rafting.

Always use a Rafting Guide

It is very important that you only go with experienced Whitewater rafting guides. You need to ensure that you are prepared for the release of water from the dams. Never go on your own or put a boat in the water when there could be a discharge from a dam. Many people have been washed away. They have been surprised by a sudden onrushing stream of high speed flowing water.

When you book your trip, make sure that you find out what clothes and gear you will need. You should have a set of dry warm clothes to change into at the end of your trip. Wet clothes can get pretty cold if you do not have something to change into. Your guide will also tell you what you need to bring on the actual trip. Also how you will be returned to your starting point.

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