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White Water in Maine

White Water in MaineThere are a number of rivers in Main that various tour companies provide white water rafting trips on. These include the Kennebec River, the Penobscot river and the Dead River. There are also a number of outfitters who have banded together to create a Maine Rafting association. These include Three Rivers, Moxie, Magic Falls, Windfall Rafting and North Country Rivers. There may be other rafting companies that are operating in the state of Maine. However these companies have taken the sport serious enough to create a set of rules and regulations that they jointly follow. This is to maintain the image and the safety of the White Water in Maine sporting activities. White Water in Maine can be a lot of fun.

White Water in Maine

General Information that You Should be Aware Of

Who can raft?

Anyone can go rafting however there are some rivers that are limited to expert rafters. Graphs are limited to eight people including the crew and the guide.

What services are included?

Each package will vary in terms of what services and features are included. Most will provide transportation from the base to the river, life preservers, helmets and paddles. You should also receive a pretrip orientation session and a safety meeting prior to going down river on a rafting trip. Some White Water in Maine trips will also include a meal at the end of the trip or if you’re staying overnight. Camping somewhere tents and some camping gear and meals will be included. You will want to confirm the details.

How much does a rafting trip cost?

A rafting trip will vary in price depending on the length of the trip, and whether you will be rafting out overnight and camping somewhere. Prices can vary from $80 for a trip up to as much as $200 per person for a trip. Again depending on the length of the trip and the services provided. Check with your outfitter to confirm.

White Water in Maine – How long will a white water trip last ?

White water trips will last all day so plan on the full-day getting to and being on the river and then returning home. If you are going on a two-day trip then you would obviously plan for being away for two days.

Are there any age limits?

Age limits vary between eight years old, 12 years old and 15 years old depending on the level of white water rapids on the river. If you have younger children and are planning to take on these white water rafting trips you may want to inquire first. They will tell you if they will be allowed to go on the particular river you are interested.

Are there easier trips?

Some trips are easier and gentler than others. Inquire about these trips from your outfitter.

When can I go rafting?

The season usually last from April until mid October. There are control dam releases from various dams that ensure water levels throughout the season provide great rafting excursions.

Is there a better time to go rafting than other times?

Depending on what you’re looking for there are great things to see May through October. Spring provides an opportunity to see moose and deer in the woods well into the summertime and in the late fall you can see spectacular foliage. In the fall leaves are turning and provide great colors to observe.

What clothes should I wear?

Bring a bathing suit, and extra clothes that you can change from those that you will be wearing on the rafting trip. They are likely to get wet. You also will need to have a set of soft rubber soul shoes to wear while you’re rafting you may want an extra set to wear once the trip is finished. In some cases in the spring or late fall wet suits we also be required. They can be rented from the offender.

White Water in Maine – How safe is rafting?

Rafting can be dangerous and as a result you will be required to sign a waiver of liability and risk assumption. You will also be required to wear a life jacket on all trips and medical kit is accompanying each trip in the raft. If you have health problems you may want to contact your doctor to confirm your trip and also discuss it with the outfitter.

Do I need to know how to swim?

It helps to be able to know how to swim but is not a requirement in most cases. You will be wearing a life jacket and you should have a healthy respect for the water.

Is the weather of factor?

Rough trips go in any kind of weather. You should make sure that you have sunscreen for bright days and always bring a dry set of close to wear once the trip is finished.

White Water in Maine – Are there accommodations nearby?

There are places to camp B&Bs to rent log cabins to rent guesthouses as well as in some hotels in their surrounding areas. You should plan on staying at one of these locations the day of your trip.

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