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River Water Rafting

River Water RaftingGoing river water rafting can be one of the most exciting things that you do. Whether it is part of a guided tour, or out there on your own with a group of friends the thrill of white water, the scenery and the sheer experience will be something you remember for the rest of your life. Go with some friends. It is just as much fun to share the experience as it is to go on the trip it self. You will be talking about your raft trip for many years ! The adrenaline rush from your trip will be appreciated too and remembered for many years. Many people will update their social media with videos of these trips.

River Water Rafting – Safety

One side point that we want to make for safety reasons is that consumers who do go river water rafting should always go with a group or at least one other person and that they should always tell someone who will not be with them were they are going and when they are expected to return. they should also be experienced or have an experienced guide who is familiar with the river to go along with them. Pay attention to your guide and when they tell you to do something follow through with what they are saying. It could be your life or that of your friends if you do not follow the instructions.

If an accident occurs, at least your friends and family will know when and where to begin looking for you. Many people have lost their lives, simply because they did not tell anyone where they were going. Search parties eventually find them, but by then it is too late. If only they had told someone where they were going. They can also lose their lives if they are drinking and cannot respond quickly to dangerous situations.  Avoid drinking alcohol while on a river water rafting trip.

River Water Rafting – Water Levels

There are various levels of river water rafting and most companies providing guided tours will rate their rivers to indicate the skill level needed for their guests. These rivers can change daily due to run off from snow melt, due to storms in the area increasing the runoff and even release of water through dams to lower the level of water above the dam.

Check often with your guides to make sure that your skill level will match the rivers white water on the day you plan to go. The flow on the river can change on a daily basis based on water releases from dams, storms well up river and even temperature changes that can influence snow melt.

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  1. River raft trips are really exciting. I started with the easy ones and worked up from there. Now we go on river raft trips with lots of rapids

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