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Raft TripPlanning a white water raft trip next year? We suggest that you book early to get the date and the location you are looking for. Raft trips fill up early due to demand and based on conditions. Spring raft tripsĀ  usually provide much more challenging and better white water due to the winter run off. The water is melting off the mountains and feeding the rivers causing them to be fast flowing and turbulent. You can find some really great white water rapids in the spring time at the regular locations were white water rafting companies operate.

As the year moves into late spring and summer, flows will decrease. Some rivers are not even navigable if it is a dry year or the spring runoff finishes early. Talk with your river raft trip organizers if you are looking for a specific experience for your raft trip. They can advise what the best time of year is to try out a raft trip based on your skill level and the thrills you are looking for.

Raft Trip – Experience

If a group is planning to go on a raft trip, the recommendation is that the least experienced person should determine if the trip is suitable and safe enough for that person. never force someone to go on a raft trip if they are uncomfortable or the skill level required is beyond them. There are just too many opportunities for something bad to happen and no one wants that. If in doubt speak to your raft guide to determine what the appropriate skill level requirement is for the raft trip you are planning.

Extreme rafting on the right rivers can be found almost anytime of the year. But you have to search for these raft trips and you may have to travel some distance to find the best raft trips to meet your needs. In some cases such as Grand Canyon raft trips, participants must book at least a year in advance to obtain the dates and times they prefer. There is that much demand for these spectacular trips.

Rafting guides have been known to even travel to other continents during slow periods at their home location. The seasons are reversed for example in South American vs. North America. There are summer rain seasons in other locations which can provide great rafting trips as well. There are many opportunities for raft trips. we are adding more and more to our site every month.

Pay attention to your guide on your raft trip. They are experienced, know the river and understand where the danger spots are. If you are on an overnight trip pay particular attention to everything they tell you. Follow their guidelines with respect to staying out of the water. People have drown quickly due to hypothermia in a matter of minutes in the cold spring run off.

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  1. always be safe when you go on raft trips down any river. that means telling people were you are going, taking extra clothes and wearing life jackets. if you do not have the skill for the river, then do not go

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