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Rafting ToursRafting tours are starting up in the spring. With the snow melt in the mountains there will be some really wild white water rafting tours available. For those people who love the thrill of the white water trips down the rivers there is lots to choose from. There are basically two types of trips that many people will go on to satisfy their thirst for thrills and fun. Before you decide, check for safety concerns and match your experience and physical capabilities to the type of tour you are planning to take.

High Intensity Rafting Tours

The first is the high intensity white water rafting tours that provide thrilling rides down fast flowing rivers . There are lots of rapids that twist and turn around embedded rocks in the river. These types of tours are usually in the spring. Especially when the river flows are at their maximum and rafting guides are geared up for these thrilling and challenging rides.

Mild Rafting Tours

The second type of rafting tour is when the water flows have calmed down, the weather is mild or even hot in the summer time and river tours can take the time to enjoy the scenery and maybe even go swimming in warmer waters between the rapids. There still are rapids to go through, but these are much more calm compared to the spring run off or even the fall tours which have more water due to the additional rain we receive in the fall. You can actually enjoy the scenery while you are floating down the river in these calm stretches.

Beware of Unusual Flows

Occasionally there are large storms in the area that feed these rivers were rafting tours take place. This extra run off may only last for a day or so. However if you are fortunate enough to time your trip with one of these summer storms, operators can provide a truly thrilling ride. Always go with an expert guide. One who is familiar with the river to ensure a safe and fun ride when white water rafting.

At times water management control groups will release water from behind dams to lower the water level. This can be spontaneous and provide for really great white water. If you are not prepared for this situation, it can also be quite dangerous. If there is a warning about water lowering at the dam, take them seriously and avoid the area. It could mean the difference between your life and not living.

Match Your Rafting Tour to Your Family

Select the best time to go on your rafting tour based on your experience level. Also swimming abilities and comfort level with the challenges of the various classes of river rapids. Talk to your tour guide to find out what the best fit would be for you own experience and skill level. If you are looking for thrills then you may want a high intensity rafting tour. While on the other hand if the whole family is coming along, you may want something that is would be more enjoyable for those not looking for a thrill.

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