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Rafting the ShenandoahMost white water rafting companies provide everything you are going to need for their raft trips, however there are a number of items that travelers should bring with them to make their trip truly enjoyable. The raft trip organizer or white water rafting company can provide you with a complete list of things to bring with you. This is in addition to whatever they are providing. These will be suggested items and most people will heed their advice.

What to Bring on Raft Trips

Probably the most important things are your bathing suit and a change of clothes. Let’s face it you are going to get wet and sometimes the weather is cool to cold in the mountains. The water is also usually quite cold. Many of these rivers are fed by melting snow and the water can be ice cold. A warm change of clothes in a water proof bag is very important for most people. You may not want to wear a bathing suit. But you will want to wear warm clothes which will go under a rain suit or even a wet suit. Even with these precautions a warm set of clothes that you can put on when you are finished is almost mandatory for any raft trip.

The rafting company will usually provide either snacks or a meal depending on the length of the trip. You can esquire before you book to find out exactly what they provide. A snack usually means a very limited snack. So if you feel that you need something more than that, we suggest you bring it along with you as well in a water proof bag. If you are the type that sometimes finds that their blood sugar drops during the day, a snack will be just what you need. bring whatever is appropriate for your condition and make sure that it is kept dry in a water proof drag.

Overnight Raft Trips

Overnight trips require changes of clothes, sleeping bags etc which the trip organizer will tell you. They should provide you with a complete itemized list of things to bring with you. While the days may be warm, the nights can be very cool in the mountains or in the desert wherever you are rafting. Raft trips can be a lot of fun and exhilarating. Keep them fun and safe, follow the instructions and bring those extra clothes to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the day and the evening.

Talk to the experts, talk to people who have been on raft trips before. These people can give you lots of advice that can make the difference in enjoying a trip vs. not enjoying a raft trip. Follow their advice.

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  1. these raft trips can be a lot of fun. i agree with the writer. always take a lot of extra clothes. you are going to get wet no matter what they tell you on a raft trip.

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