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Rafting Vacation Whitewater

New Rafting River whitewaterA rafting vacation along a whitewater river can be one of the best vacations. For you and your family or just for those people who are looking for extreme adventure. There are whitewater rivers in almost all of the US states and Canadian provinces. Many are within a short drive of many large cities in North America. There are all types of whitewater rapids from extremely dangerous to those that are sublime relaxation. You and your children or even grandma and grandpa will enjoy rafting vacation whitewater.

If you are planning a rafting vacation on whitewater, the first thing to do is to match up the people coming with you with the skill level requirements of the trip. Whitewater rafting trips are in classes from one to five. Class one whitewater rapids are fine for children, beginners and seniors. While  class five have an expert requirement and you must be able to swim out of whitewater rapids. Many rafts are tipped over or participants end up in the water after a particularly bad set of rapids.

Rafting Vacation Whitewater

If you are bringing along the grandparents and the children, you probably want a class one set of rapids. You will be able to leisurely drift down the river going over a few small whitewater waves. On the other hand if you have participated many times on whitewater adventure tours and are a strong swimmer you have more options. You may want to take on the class four or class five whitewater rapids trips on your vacation.

Once you have settled on the vacation plan and which whitewater rapids you are going to go down, it is time to prepare. Set up everyone with the right clothing, a change of clothes, suntan lotion and hats. Depending on the time of year you may also want to dress in layers. It may be colder in the mornings and evenings, especially on the river. Most whitewater sites can provide you with a checklist of what to bring on your whitewater rafting vacation.

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